Landlords of Furnished Properties in France

    Property Sellers

    Are you the owner of a furnished apartment under the French leaseback scheme, which you lease back to a property management company under a commercial lease? Are you looking to sell your furnished apartment? Our website will provide you with the advice of Asset Management experts to help you complete your sale: property appraisal, knowledge of property management companies and market conditions relating to the property.
    You can submit your advertisement directly as the owner of the property or contact our partner,, to arrange an agency agreement. Are you a real estate professional? You can submit your advertisement with an agency agreement from your client. Our site is made for you too.
    We guarantee to publish your advertisement within two business days.

    Property Buyers

    Are you looking to buy a furnished apartment under the French leaseback scheme, by leasing the apartment back to a property management company? Buying an apartment through our site provides you with the following advantages:

    • Immediate delivery
    • Knowledge of property managers
    • Knowledge of profitability in advance
    • Tax exempt income through depreciation
    You will find a selection of apartments for sale, along with all necessary information for making an informed decision. All properties listed for sale have been reviewed by our Asset Management Consultants.

    Are you looking for a specific property?

    Are you looking to purchase a furnished apartment, but can’t find what you’re looking for on our site? Many of our users may have the property you’re looking for. Place your wanted ad here.